Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Work in the Exhibition

Baggage by Carolyn Applegate

Collection of Beatles by Nicki Bair

Fruiting body by Charlotte Bird

Amoeba by Charlotte Bird
Possibilities by Charlotte Bird
Between the Worlds by Bee Colman

Day and Night

Birth and Death

Joy and Sorrow

Awaken by Maureen Cox

Color Series 5.3 by Deborah Jarchow

Gathering II by Gerri Johnson_Mcmillin

Sorry Try Again by Julie Kornblum

Aqua Vapor Vessel by Brecia Kralovic-Logan

White Lightning by Susan Lasch Krevitt

Burnout Sampler by Susan Lasch Krevitt

Sierra Colorfields by Eve McCracken

Entwined Copper Midnight by Susan McGehee

Chairs by Sara Palacios

Memories Haunt, above; The Embers cooled, below left; Cloud Shift, below right
 by Cindy Rinne

Erosion by Michael Rohde

Sunset by Michael Rohde

Midnight by Michael Rohde
New Mexico Bound by Mary Beth Schwartzenberger

Bird's Nest I by Rebecca Smith

Little Basket Big Attitude by Rebecca Smith

You Make My Heart Sing by Rebecca Smith

Twisted Sister by Nadine Speir

Awaken by Nadine Speir

Bound to Happen by Meredith Strauss Jackson

Earth Air Fire & Water by Regina Vorgang

Salt Wells by Deborah Weir
Window 4 by Deborah Weir
Exploring Too by Petty Weidemann

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fiber 2010
An exhibition of contemporary fiber art
February 8 - March 8
Brandstater Gallery at La Sierra University, Riverside, CA

Opening reception Monday, February 8, 6-8 pm
Closing reception Monday, March 8, 6-8 pm

I'm pleased to be curating this exhibition of 22 contemporary artists who use traditional and non-traditional materials and processes to bring fresh treatments to timeless ideas; express modern concerns; create innovative shapes and forms; and test accepted definitions of “Fiber Art.”

Address & directions

I will post images of all of the artwork in the exhibition here. It will take some time to get everything put up, so please check back here.